The most cutting-edge and trustworthy solution for the protection of retail spaces is acoustomagnetic (AM) security technology, which operates at a frequency of 58 kHz. These security systems are very resistant to security tag shielding and sabotage, can detect soft self-adhesive labels, and secure broader passageways. Devices with AM jammer detection are built in. Soft self-adhesive security labels, also known as DR labels, can be applied to various metal items without significantly impairing their detection, in contrast to radio frequency (RF) devices.

There are various antenna configurations available !

Product features can include

  • Network connection, remote tuning and management
  • Buzzer and RGB alarm lights
  • Advanced SW features (tag-too-close, adaptive sensitivity
    adjustment, etc.)
  • People counting and alarm validation
  • Build-in jamming detection
  • Silver or black colors available
  • Optional foil bag and/or permanent magnet detection
  • Different alarm types settings (incoming, outgoing, etc.)
  • Easy to use ShopMonitor Lite Dashboard for alarm event
  • Both technologies (AM and RF) in one pedestal
  • Advertisement (LED backlighted panels), panel dimensions

Flexibility and optional configuration

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